Switch on your productivity.


Delivering tailored and fast, cost effective projects. We'll bring you to success with a minimum effort.


We use the expertise, relationships and the network to facilitate activities. Our goal is to ensure that your targets will be met. The manufacturing intelligence will be industries future, but only with human beings.


We integrate, standardize and optimize  IT. We plan, design and build appropriate IT Systems,

We push forward to Operational Excellence and prepare for Internet of things.


you will gain from the following systems expertise: SAP, MES, OSI-PI, SCADA, LIMS and various bespoke solutions for Planning, Monitioring and MS excel/access based solutions


We optimize Business and Manufacturing Processes and ensure Systems and Automation have been solecly  embeeded. Decouple Supplier/Cutsiomer Requirements. to simplify your business. 


We'll  take responsibility, act in your  name and will. We act and take over your business by heart. We motivate, activiate and postulate a  "never give up mentalitiy"

Consulting by Entreprenurial SPIRIT

We are here for you and your business. 30 years of experience as internal employees and internal challenges assures you, we understand your challenges and your position. Your Needs will be  internalized and treated trustful.